“Promoting good governance and management of the environment
and natural resources”


Land, Resources & Equity

ILEG seeks to promote and support equitable access, utilization and sharing of benefits accruing from investments on land and natural resources. In addition, the program seeks to support and work with local communities to practically conserve and restore degraded lands, forests, wetlands and other natural resources.

Community Development

ILEG focuses on stimulating, encouraging, aiding and assisting local communities in improving their standards of living by promoting education, civic engagement, entrepreneurship and youth development, and information and communication (ICT).

Climate Change, Water & Energy

To build sustainably thriving and climate resilient communities, ILEG works with national and county governments, the private sector, research institutions, local communities, national and international non-governmental organizations to support the development and implementation of enabling policies, legal and institutional mechanisms for zero-carbon climate resilient green economy in Kenya and the East African region. 

Environment, Democracy & Justice

ILEG is dedicated to amplifying the voices of local and vulnerable communities for their right to secure and use their natural assets and their right to a healthy environment. We believe that environmental well-being and social justice are inextricably linked, and that empowering individuals and communities is key to achieving both.


Science, Technology & Innovation

We advocate for scientific knowledge and technological innovation to enhance the management and governance of environmental and natural resources. ILEG specifically focuses on the interplay between laws, policies, and current scientific and technological challenges that impact the environment and sustainable development.

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A day with our wonderful children

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ILEG is an independent, non-profit public interest law and policy organization focused on promoting sustainable development. We work with local communities, governments, the private sector and civil society organizations (CSO’s) to ensure fair, balanced and equitable development policy choices to improve peoples’ lives and protect the environment.

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